NY Finger Lakes Log Home

In 2016, I was asked by a log home manufacturer from Canada to be their local builder; and, I accepted because the economy in the US was at a standstill, especially for the construction industry. After a while, they had a job in the New York Finger Lakes area. It was 8 hours away. I would go out for 2 weeks at a time, hated the travel, and struggled being away from my family. But, it was actually a wonderful experience building this home. I loved the challenge. I was able to find some local guys that all brought different talents to the table and hired them individually as my crew. They did excellent work. I was very lucky to have them. All jobs bring out unique challenges, and I worked hard for the owner and finished this house to his overwhelming satisfaction. The owner finished all of the trim, porch railings and the interior himself, which was the intent to begin with. I don’t have finished photos for that reason. I show this photo collection here as it represents the high level of craftsmanship necessary to build a distinctive log home.