Holderness School Dorm

For those customers that are looking for a quicker build and as long as they are okay with limiting their design and component choices, think Modular. I recently became the areas authorized builder for PBS Modular Homes of Middleburg, PA. It started with a call to build a new dorm for the Holderness School in Holderness, NH. They had an older gambrel cape that housed faculty and an attached breezeway and small 2 car garage that housed 2 small bedrooms for boarding students. They wanted me to start just after Memorial day Weekend, when the children left for summer recess, and to be complete by September 1st when they returned. The job consisted of razing the garage and breezeway. The faculty building had a new roof, siding and vinyl replacement windows put in as well as new exterior doors, granite stoops and some extensive mechanical work done in the basement. We set a large modular 4 bedroom dorm in lieu of the garage that we razed and stick built the new breezeway. The new dorm had a kitchenette and was completely ADA compliant including central alarm system and interior sprinklers. The school was so impressed with the speed that this went up, not losing a school year with the build and of the quality of it that we are currently designing another one for 2020. You can see this listed here and we also did a second modular this summer that you can see here labeled “Modular Home in Holderness